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With the increase in number of pre-schools, there was the need for the proper supervision, raising and maintaining good standards in the schools. This was because most of the pre-schools were run by private proprietress who handled the school in their own way without proper guidance. Suitable programmes were not planned by the ministry of social welfare for the Nursery Schools and Kindergartens. Their programme suited the Day Nurseries which catered for children under three years. It was more or less for the benefit of working parents who had to leave their children at these Day Care Centres in the morning and pick them in the evening after work. This state of affairs in the Nursery and Kindergarten Schools called for immediate attention.
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In 1965, the Ministry of Education was charged with the duty of supervising the Nursery Schools and Kindergartens through a legislative instrument. The Nursery Unit was therefore set up at the Inspectorate Division to give professional guidance and supervision for the proper running of the Nursery and Kindergarten system in the country. The Unit was to plan and carry out educational programmes to benefit the Nursery or the Kindergarten child. This was also to build public awareness of the needs of the pre-school child.
A Model Nursery was set up in Osu, a suburb of Accra in February,1969. Later that same year, the first two teachers who won UNESCO scholarship to study Nursery Education returned to Ghana from Denmark and the training of Nursery teachers and attendants commenced at the Osu Centre. In 1974, The Centre was moved to a more modern and spacious premises at North Ridge, Accra, built by the Danish government. The Centre is now known as the National Nursery Teachers’ Training Centre. The Centre has its Model Nursery attached for Child Study and Demonstration purposes.

Education at the National Nursery Teachers' Training Centre is about self confidence, challenge and enjoyment. It teaches the importance of constructive questioning and a sense of responsibility with compassion, confidence and creativity.

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